(National Vocational Qualification)

An NVQ is a nationally recognised qualification which provides formal proof of the skills and experience gained, so that a current or prospective employer can see that they have a competent and skilled employee.

Although an NVQ is a stand-alone qualification an operator must gain an NVQ to convert a Red Trained Operator Card into a Blue Competent Operator Card under CPCS and from October 2016, anyone working in construction under the NPORS accreditation.

To gain an NVQ the candidate must first register with an accredited NVQ Centre, such as Aurelia. During an induction process the procedure will be explained to the candidate and site visits will be discussed and dates and locations agreed.

Under normal circumstances each NVQ will require two visits to a working site to allow the assessor to observe the candidate operating the plant under normal working conditions.

Often the candidate may need to achieve an NVQ on more than one category of plant so where possible our assessors can carry out more than one observation per visit which will speed up the whole process while reducing costs.

Ideally the whole NVQ procedure should not take more than three months to complete.


For further details or to book your course call 01638 751492 or email info@aureliatraining.co.uk


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