Aurelia Ltd – COVID-19 Update

Aurelia Ltd are still open for business during this unprecedented time.
To ensure that our customers and staff remain as safe as possible, we are limiting the amount of delegates per course and we also have hygiene and social distancing measures in place.

We are aware that at present, there is some difficulty in renewing cards. Please see the updates below for  guidance from each scheme:

CITB Health, Safety & Environment (HS&E) Test Centres & HS&E Lite Testing

All Pearson Vue HS&E test centres and network of Independent Test Centres are now closed across the UK until further notice.

CITB have developed a free of charge product called “LITE Testing” that will help employers run their own in house interim testing to give a level of local assurance to help the employer to determine if an employee is safe to work on their site.

Employers can use the app and/or the windows PC/Laptop download to ‘test’ their employees in a controlled environment. This available on Android, Apple IOS and PC Download.


CPCS and NOCN Job Cards have issued advice asking sites to be more lenient on accepting cards that have expired from mid-March onwards, at their own discretion. CPCS is also providing the ability to apply for an Emergency CPCS Card for those unable to renew or upgrades due to being unable to renew their HS&E test or Renewal Test. This card will also be available for individuals on a Red card which is expiring, and they have been prevented from completing their NVQ due to the COVID-19 situation.

For more information on how to apply for an Emergency CPCS Card please see more here.


NPORS recognises that, due to the closure of HS&E test centres, card holders will be unable to take the tests that enable them to extend Red Trained Operator Cards or renew Blue Competent Operator Cards. NPORS has taken the decision to extend the registration period of those cards due to expire for 6 months at no cost to the card holder or employer. Although the registration date printed on current cards will show as expired, registration information can be verified via the online card checker and QR code on the cards.

For more information on the NPORS guidance please see here.


CSCS has extended the grace period for card renewals from 6 months after the card expires to 12 months. This means that the card can be renewed, once the CITB HS&E test has been passed, up to one year from the card’s expiry date.

CSCS are also requesting employers and those responsible for site access and card checking procedures to use their discretion towards workers whose cards have expired since mid-March onward. You can read more here.

CITB Site Safety Plus Courses

CITB have introduced a remote learning and examination option for their Health and Safety Awareness (HSA) Courses. We are proud to be working with the CITB to develop a remote training environment that you can complete from the comfort of your home, or office.

SSSTS and SMSTS delegates whose certificates have expired since the 15th March 2020 will be allowed to take refresher courses rather than the full course once training centres re-open and this will remain in place until stated otherwise from CITB.

CITB have also agreed with CSCS that applications for a Labourer’s card can now be supported with evidence of the HSA achievement from the CITB card-checker.


ALLMI’s stance is aligned with that of CSCS on this matter by requesting that those responsible for site access and card checking use their discretion towards workers whose cards have recently expired. This is on the condition they can provide evidence that the required refresher training / assessment cannot be undertaken as a result of training provider closures. This stance is also supported by Build UK.

Provided the above conditions are met and, of course, that all other documentation is in order, ALLMI would greatly appreciate the support and understanding of sites on this matter by permitting access to the cardholder concerned

Stay Safe, Thank You NHS