(National Vocational Qualification)

An NVQ is a nationally recognised qualification which provides formal proof of the skills and experience gained, so that a current or prospective employer can see that they have a competent and skilled employee.

Although an NVQ is a stand-alone qualification an operator must gain an NVQ to convert a Red CPCS Trained Operator Card into a Blue CPCS Competent Operator Card.

To gain an NVQ the candidate must first register with an accredited NVQ Centre, such as Aurelia. During an induction process the best method of completing the NVQ will be discussed and decided upon.

The conventional method of gaining an NVQ consists of a number of visits to a candidate’s work place by an assessor, however, many candidates are now using the Experienced Worker Practical Assessed Route (EWPAR) which can often be completed in one day. This consists of a practical operator test similar to the CPCS test followed by a professional discussion with the assessor. The professional discussion in an informal chat which covers things like the candidate’s past experience, current job role and how they would deal with certain situations. It normally takes about 1 hour and should present no problems to an experienced operator.

The big advantage of the EWPAR is that the NVQ does not drag on for months and it eliminates the need for the Assessor to visit various sites and locations, which can often prove to be very difficult.


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